This is a post I am writing on by Github-based Jekyll site that, if all goes as planned, will be pulled to my Reclaim Hosting-based Jekyll site that I installed the other day at Tim gave me the following instructions:

I’m not sure the exact steps but it would involve setting up the repo in Github and cloning it to your hosting account and > then you could use git commands like git pull to grab the latest from git (even setup a cron every 10-15 min to do that piece).

He was right, that worked seamlessly for me. I was able to clone my Github Jekyll to my Jekyll folder on Reclaim Hosting and simply repoint the DNS to the new directory, i.e. jekyll/ and the site is resolving on Reclaim Hosting at an address other than (which is where the Github-based Jekyll resolves. It’s all very complicated :)

Anyway, this is just a test.